Art of Impact

A brand-building partner designed to develop products and services with the most impactful triple bottom line in mind.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Business is a climb. From ideation to acquisition, each foothold presents challenges and opportunities requiring knowledge and navigation. I guide businesses and entrepreneurs to the summit of their potential.


The intersection of passion and skill, distilling down what works best for you, the market, the world.


Creating a unique, thoughtful, recognizable and identifiable brand, positioned for long-term success.


The art of discovery. Traditional and non-traditional experiential marketing strategy and methodology.

Festivals and Events

One of the most effective experiential marketing platforms, I integrate your product or service in an authentic, immersive, meaningful way.

Strategic Partnerships

1+1 = 4. Identifying strategic alignments and alliances between local and national businesses and non-profits, and designing the platform that delivers more.

Growth and Scaling

Tapping your inner intrapreneur. Staffing, managing, executing and more. The best practices and most effective models to keep you climbing.

Philanthropy and Nonprofit

Nonprofits are businesses too. They can be incredibly rewarding, but uniquely challenging. You can create transformative change, but it takes clear vision, solid execution, and skilled leadership to succeed. I help you lead.


Converting passion into purpose. Drive into delivery. Start smart to climb high.


From board to fundraising and more, successful strategies that propels your programs and purpose onward and upward.


Traditional and non-traditional revenue strategies, that provides propulsion to your organization.


Building strategic alliances with local and national brands, key influencers and prospective stakeholders.


The perfect pitch. Crafting and matching the right story with the right outlet, that can elevate your organization to new heights.

Growth and Scaling

Smart growth. The pathways and practices to long-term, sustainable success, to assure you're always ready for the next step.

"JK is a visionary, strategist and tactician - he sees the potential of any product or service clearly, crafts a potent strategy, and is an effective leader building a team who tactically can reach any goal. An early adopter, he was a leader nationally in merging business with philanthropy and community benefit, always including the ROC (return on community) to the ROI.”

– Gill Holland, Entrepreneur | Community Builder